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Amirah Advent

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Stephanie Clark, CEO Amirah, Inc.

For the past four years, Stephanie Clark, CEO of Amirah, Inc., has written the Advent Devotional, A Quiet Hope.


We invite you to download the entire booklet, listen to the songs linked with the message for each day, and take a moment for soul care this Advent season. 

A Quiet Hope

"The beginning of 2021, I felt a certain anticipation akin to the time of Advent. I was hopeful and waiting for things to change. Yet, it was another tough sail. The hope and anticipation that rang in the New Year was met by continued hardships and devastations from the global pandemic. Even when we had moments of “normal” they were marked by the taxing toll the pandemic has taken on our lives – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have laid my head to rest at the end of a long day asking, “Will this ever end?” more times than I care to admit at this point.


I know I cannot be the only one who is feeling this way, so this year as we wind our way through the days of Advent, I would like to spend some time reflecting on the soul and have a meditative spirit with a few Psalms. This is not your typical Advent devotional, so if you are looking for shepherds keeping watch over their flocks by night, I apologize. I could not shake this feeling that this was what was needed."

-Stephanie Clark, CEO Amirah, Inc.

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