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We are grateful for the partnership of the Women's Fund of Essex County as we work together to promote solutions for survivors of sexual exploitation.

She walks up the steps, entering through the front door. A smile is there to greet her. The lights are on, the place is clean. None of the shades are drawn, so sunlight baths the room. 

Is this freedom? 

She has her own bed. Her comforter is warm and smells amazing from...

My mother was a walker. In the last years of her life, she was faithful to get up each day and walk for an hour in Michigan - no matter what the weather was. I think on very snowy winter days, she stayed inside and got on a treadmill, but for the most part, she was out...

At Amirah we offer each woman that comes into the safe home an individualized, trauma-informed, whole-person care approach to their program. It's a mouthful, I know, but it is the bread and butter of what we do, and what we believe will help a woman fully recover from...

Have you ever been caught in a lie? Maybe you told your boss that you were sick, but only said this because you had made plans to be with your friends all day. As you sit down to a fun lunch, your boss walks into the same restaurant and spots you laughing it up. You fr...

You hear about sex trafficking and want to get involved right away, because let's face it, everyone's heart breaks over the terrible news that women, girls, boys, men are being forced by someone else to sell their bodies over and over again. Somewhere along the way, th...

Hope. We live off this word at Amirah. We have a certainty about us, the way we talk, the actions we take, the work we do that expects that this world will change with us. In fact, we believe in it.

We believe that by pouring love into the life of someone who received n...

Celebrating the holidays can be a weird time for most. There are the phrases that we have to "deal with family" and "get through the holidays" that get spread around at this time of year.

A woman who has gone through the trauma of sex trafficking deals with trauma that...

As we continue in this series on Community, I want to step into a bit of the mess. The reality of this work that we do is that it is incredibly messy, some days are extremely hard, and there can be a lot of resistance. Phew, I said it.

The truth is that as staff, we can...

We use the word “community” a lot here at Amirah. When our Program Director goes out and speaks to a potential program participant, when I share to groups of people about the work we are doing – that word comes up again and again.


While our good friend, Merria...

Her head is down, she looks at the floor. It is hard for her to keep eye contact. She paces and is visibly agitated. The smallest noises make her jump. 

These are the signs of every woman that has come into our home. PTSD and shame are an incredibly forceful combination...

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