Give Hope

Every time you donate to Amirah, you give more than a gift. You give hope to a survivor.


Our Hope Partners are donors that commit to giving $20 or more each month. By becoming a Hope Partner, your giving will provide sustenance to Amirah and help us care for more survivors. Click Below to become a Hope Partner today!

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We are so grateful for each and every person who gives to Amirah. By giving a gift today, you will help a survivor find hope for a life time. Click below to donate or read on to learn more about how a gift can make an impact on a life at Amirah.

What will your gift do?

Get Creative

Give Your Birthday

Donating your birthday is an amazing way to raise funds for the women in recovery at Amirah and raise awareness about sex trafficking. Find us on Facebook as @AmirahInc and start a fundraiser for your big day! (And by the way, it doesn't have to be your birthday. The calendar is the limit!)

Sponsor Your Hobby

Do you climb mountains or run races for fun? Did you know that you can do what you love and raise funds for Amirah? Get sponsored for your next big gig and designate Amirah as the beneficiary. 

Host An Event

Who doesn't love a good gathering? We adore our community, because we know how much they mean to us. You can invite others into our community by hosting an event in your home to talk about Amirah. Show our latest videos, share our website, and give out some Amirah swag. Get in touch for event hosting materials:

Invite Us Over

Invite us to come to you! We truly love visiting our supporters and telling the world about the work we do. We would be happy to come to your school, work, house of worship, even your home to share with your community about the amazing work happening at Amirah. Get in touch with this email!


$50 will cover the cost of a survivor's food for a month, providing her with healthy and nutritious meals that will boost her physical well being.


$100 will provide a survivor with all her medical needs for a full month, from vitamins to doctor visits. 


$500 will cover the cost of her vocational needs, from educational materials to job training, allowing her the opportunity secure a good job that will help her find her independence.


$1,000 will provide heat and light in the winter months, so that each survivor in our safe home can stay warm, healthy, and safe, often providing the first warm winter in a survivor's life.


$5,000 will cover all of the case management needs for a survivor at Amirah, providing her with crucial support that will allow her to find a new life and hope.

Donation FAQs & Information

  • Is my online donation safe? Yes. We handle your information with the utmost confidentiality and security. Our processing software is protected with SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer / Transport Layer Security) encryption, so that your internet transaction is private and secure. We will not share your personal contact or financial information with any third party without your permission.


  • Do I get a tax write-off for my donation? Yes. Amirah is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Gifts made to Amirah are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. EIN: 27-1214049. An official yearly contribution statement will be mailed to you in January for tax purposes. A confirmation receipt is also emailed to you upon successful completion of your online donation. Please keep these emails for your records.


  • How can I change my contact or credit card information? You can update your giving information by emailing us at  


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We are grateful for the partnership of the Women's Fund of Essex County as we work together to promote solutions for survivors of sexual exploitation.