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We are grateful for the partnership of the Women's Fund of Essex County as we work together to promote solutions for survivors of sexual exploitation.



The next big step.

What's next?

Amirah is expanding into all of New England with the goal of serving more survivors of sex trafficking in multiple locations. This expansion is a multi-step journey that will bring aftercare to more women than ever before. As part of this expansion, we will be opening the first safe home for survivors in the state of Connecticut!

our next chapter

Our Partners

In 2017, Amirah was approached by a fellow anti-trafficking organization, The Underground CT.  The Underground formed a task force in 2016 working to bring housing for survivors to the state of Connecticut. They reached out to Amirah to learn more about the program we offer to survivors. After many conversations and much prayer, Amirah and the Underground formed a partnership to bring the first residential safe home program for survivors of sex trafficking to CT. 


The Underground has been instrumental in identifying and funding the cost for a home in CT. Their membership of churches has donated human and financial resources to refurbish the home. We are so grateful for the Underground's partnership with us, for the amazing work that they have done for years to inform communities about human trafficking, to find resources for survivors, and to support organizations within the anti-trafficking movement. 

Bring a Safe Home to Connecticut

In 2019, we were able to secure a safe home location and work with 18 amazing groups to see the space renovated into a beautiful home. We have been able to fund the renovations surrounding this home through current donations, but we are now looking to fund staffing the facility so that we can open the doors and welcome survivors into the space to begin their journeys of healing. We currently have Hope Partners who are giving each month $8,500 towards this goal, and have had annual gifts of $100,000 towards this effort as well. 

For us it is not a question of when we will open the doors of this safe home, but how it will happen.

In order to open the doors, we need to see our Hope Partners grow and their gifts total $9,300 each month. We are almost to this goal! Along with these Hope Partners, we need to see an additional increase in annual gifts totaling $200,000. Our hope is to have this funding secured so that we can open by early 2021, but if we have these funds in hand sooner, we will look to open the doors in 2020.

What can you do?


Prayer is our most powerful tool to help bring an Amirah safe home to Connecticut. You can help us by praying for:

  • Safety and security

  • Necessary funds and personnel


You can help us setup our new safe home today. With a gift to the Connecticut Expansion Project, you can help ensure a solid foundation from which we can grow. Click the button below to give.


Our new safe home in Connecticut is projected to open in the next 12 months. We seek a strong volunteer group to help us start up and run this program. Sign up below to be informed about future volunteer trainings and get ready to join the Amirah team!