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Hope Day 2022 is here!

May 10 is our annual Hope Day fundraiser! Please mark your calendars and join us for a day of hope, encouragement, and celebration.  This Hope Day, we want to focus on the beautiful journey of recovery. We want this day to serve as a reminder that recovery is not one moment but a collage of many accomplishments. Like a mosaic, many small moments form the fuller, more beautiful picture.

It's time to celebrate!

How to get involved

Check-in with our channels on May 10!

We'll be sharing our hopeful content through our social media pages, emails, and our website! Be sure to check in with us leading up to May 10 for more updates about Hope Day.

Help us reach our $50,000 fundraising goal!

Our fundraising goal for Hope Day is $50,000. We hope you will consider donating to our mission of helping women exit the commercial sex trade.

Share our Hope Day celebration!

Share our Hope Day messages with your community! Help us make this the biggest Hope Day celebration yet!

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"This work is challenging and it can be dark, but hope truly is the reason why we keep moving forward.”


As we kick-off Hope Day, hear from our Executive Director about a special way we celebrate the milestones for the women and what hope means to her. 

Follow along as we reach our fundraising goal!

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This is a virtual fundraiser. We’ll be updating our social media channels and website all throughout the day with new content on the expedition of hope we witness every day! Here are the links to our social media pages to stay updated with all our Hope Day content:



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