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We are grateful for the partnership of the Women's Fund of Essex County as we work together to promote solutions for survivors of sexual exploitation.

New Life Sustainers

A woman in her mid-twenties has been learning how to cope with the emotional baggage she has carried around since her childhood. She was vulnerable because of this childhood trauma. It was this trauma that put her on a journey where she was trafficked, raped, abused and addicted to drugs. But now, she is celebrating over 6 months of sobriety; she meets with her counselor weekly to work on the trauma of being trafficked and the vulnerability that led her into that life; she faces each day head-on. She is being transformed daily as she journeys from exploitation into a new life of liberation.


Freedom for another takes sacrifice from us. 


Pieces of each woman have been taken from them. Hours, days, weeks and years have been stripped away from their lives. They will never get those back. However, we are convinced more than ever that you can give them hope and freedom today and for their future. 

This takes sacrifice from a community. We sacrificially love them as they work through their trauma, pain and hurt. The investment of time from the staff, program partners and volunteers who are a part of their lives is absolutely incredible and crucial to their recovery.


Time can heal wounds, but we know that it is invested time

filled with love that will truly give lasting healing.


Freedom takes a financial sacrifice on the part of the community. We are up against a business that has all of the power and money. They are well ahead of us financially and can do far more damage on any given day to the masses then we probably could to give the masses hope. But we refuse to accept despair and failure over this.


Instead, we choose to believe that a community of committed individuals

will always rise up against the business of slavery

and sacrifice financially so that hope can be restored.


For freedom to be restored in the lives of the women that are at Amirah and those that will come to Amirah, they need consistent support each month. We challenge you today to become a part of their new life that they are building and making.


Become a New Life Sustainer and give to them each month

as they walk their journey of liberation and make a new life for themselves.


  • For $25 each month, you can support one woman's transportation needs for all of her medical and counseling appointments. 

  • For $50 each month, you can provide one woman with all of the food she will need for that month (and they LOVE to cook in their kitchen!).

  • For $100 each month, her mental health recovery will be covered.

  • For $150 each month, you are giving shelter to a woman all month long.


You can become a monthly donor by clicking on this link here and setting up a recurring donation.


You can also let us know that you would like to do this via mail and mail in checks to:



10 Tower Office Park, Suite 413

Woburn, MA 01801


We hope that you will become a New Life Sustainer partnering with us in this work. Alone we would not be here, but it is because of you that we are here today. Thank you for remaining in their lives and journeys of liberation. Thank you for helping us to expand this home to its full capacity and for being the heroes of every woman that comes into this home looking for a new life.