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Overnight Shift Leader 


Reporting to the Group Therapies Director and working directly with the program staff, the Overnight Shift Leader will offer support to maintain the Greater Hartford Amirah safe home and be a positive presence in the lives of program participants. This position involves direct care for the women who are working through their program as they journey from exploitation to liberation, providing the necessary coverage of a safe presence in the home during the overnight hours.


You should apply if…


  • You believe in the dignity of all human lives, no matter the color of your skin, your faith, your gender, your sexuality, or anything else. Dignity is deserved because all human beings exist in the image of God.  

  • You are a skilled empathetic people manager who enjoys building strong and balanced teams to achieve collective goals, and fostering a collaborative growth culture

  • You’re excited about the challenge of building deeply intentional processes towards a more diverse, equitable and racially just community




We take the broadest possible view of diversity. 

We value the visible and invisible qualities that make you who you are.

We welcome that every person brings a unique perspective and experience to

advance our mission and progress the work of healing in community, breaking the

cycle of exploitation, and providing new communities where survivors can thrive

in life.

We believe that each Amirah community member, donor, volunteer, advocate,

and employee must have equal access to solving community problems.

We strive to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the

center of our daily work.

We commit to using these practices for our business and our communities.



  • Be a presence in the home that the women can turn to while staff is not there should something come up – in the night or early morning hours.

  • During an emergency within the home, have the discernment to know when to call the staff member on call and/or the police or other emergency personnel.

  • If on call during medication times, prepare and distribute medications to program participants (training is given for this).

  • Meet with the Group Therapies Director monthly to debrief on the overall culture of the home and for personal reflection, as well as to debrief on any specific needs for the home or when there are any maintenance issues.

  • Coordinate schedule and rotation of nights on-call with other Overnight Shift Leaders, communicating effectively with Group Therapies Director on the schedule.

  • Model life in community with program participants by cleaning up after yourself, taking care of specific areas within the home assigned to OSL’s, etc.




  • Commitment to schedule

  • Friendly personality and ability to interact with a variety of personalities, backgrounds and experiences

  • Willingness to love unconditionally and put the needs of the women in recovery in the safe home above oneself

  • Ability to interact with women who have significant trauma, mental health recovery and addiction recovery – offering them grace and having patience

  • Calming presence

  • Must be a female over the age of 19



Working in shifts with the other Overnight Shift Leaders, you are expected to be in the home from 9:00pm until 8:00am each week for the night(s) you are assigned to be on call. Vacations or time away should be worked out with the other Overnight Shift Leaders, and Group Therapies Director ahead of time. 


Time commitment is for one-three nights a week depending on availability.



At this time, we are asking that all Overnight Shift Leaders are vaccinated, unless there is a proven medical reason. We are also masking up when physical distance is not possible. These two things are non-negotiables.




There is no expectation that you stay awake during the hours you are on call. In fact, it is expected you will sleep during this time. 


When you arrive for your shift, talk with the last volunteer of the day, receive their keys and place these back in the secure location. There is a checklist to run through to secure the house before you head to bed. 


During the night, if there is any sort of disturbance, call the program staff member who is on call (or if needed the police or other emergency personnel), and they will deal directly with the emergency. These emergencies are few and far between and not a common occurrence. Most Overnight Shift Leaders sleep the night through undisturbed.


In the morning hours, you may need to prepare and distribute the medication for the Program Participants before the first volunteer or staff member arrives for the day.


Please note, you are free to arrive earlier than 9pm and be a part of the evening if you so desire (eating community dinners or simply hanging out). You are also free to stay a little longer if needed in the morning to get yourself ready for the day. There is a kitchen, plenty of coffee and a personal bathroom with a shower for the Overnight Shift Leaders.


There is a stipend of $50 a night for this position.




All interested parties can email a resume and cover letter to Stephanie Clark at

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