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Our Programs

Our programs are focused on supporting women as they journey from exploitation into a life of freedom. They are designed to support women where they are and be a basis for identification and resources that will lead to long-term recovery.  

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Community Resource Center

The CRC is located in Lynn, MA in a walkable communal location. We work to end the cycle of exploitation through free and accessible services, advocacy and community education. The CRC offers case management, peer mentorship, life coaching, group programs, and healing activities for women who have experienced exploitation. We believe that every woman who has experienced exploitation should have the resources, support, opportunities and community to heal, grow and work towards achieving personal goals. To learn more, please click on the button below.



Many women enter prostitution out of a need to survive, and many more enter due to sex trafficking and exploitation. This often happens at the street level. We work alongside harm reduction programs to operate outreach activities and meet people where they are, offering services through our Community Resource Center that can help them exit the dangerous cycle of prostitution sooner rather than later.

Rapid Re-Housing

Our Rapid Re-Housing program quickly places women into permanent housing and provides rental assistance for 2 years. During these 2 years, we develop an economic stability plan with each woman and empower her to reach her goals so that she can thrive in independence. We work to keep women in permanent housing after the rental assistance expires and we continue to offer case management, life coaching, groups, and communal opportunities with no expiration date.

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Apartment Buildings
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