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We recognize that we won't be able to reach every victim of sex trafficking that is out there in New England and get her into our safe home program. Some women have already left their trafficker and are now living in an apartment on their own. Some women have children and cannot leave them to go into a program. There are also some women that could come into the safe home, but because of fear, they are unable to leave their current situation. 

We want to reach these women, begin to be a positive force in their life, and help them to start a journey of liberation.

In 2018, we started Amirah's Outreach Group Program. Cheri Crider, Survivor Leader, works with local places (drop-in centers, crisis centers, shelters, community centers, prisons) to bring a 10-week group that is meant for survivors to come together, connect, and start a journey of liberation. Utilizing the "Ending the Game" curriculum, a national curriculum that is the first of its kind in reducing recidivism, Cheri helps to educate and empower survivors by providing a structure and framework to uncover harmful psychological coercion that they have been subjected to during or before their exploitation experience. Groups are offered free of charge to facilities with victims and survivors embedded in the population.

With these groups, we are able to be a positive role in a survivor's life, and a bridge for them when they are ready to take their next steps in their journeys of liberation.

To have a group hosted at your facility or to get involved as a co-leader of these groups, please click the button below to contact Cheri Crider.


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We are grateful for the partnership of the Women's Fund of Essex County as we work together to promote solutions for survivors of sexual exploitation.