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Outreach Program

Our Outreach Program is vital in supporting women as they journey from exploitation into a life of freedom. It is designed to support women where they are at and be a basis for identification and resources that will lead to long-term recovery.  

Community Resource Center

The CRC is located in Lynn, MA in a walkable communal location. We work to end the cycle of exploitation through free and accessible services, advocacy and community education. The CRC offers case management, peer mentorship, clinical therapy, group programs, on-site childcare and healing activities for women who have experienced exploitation. We believe that every survivor should have the resources, support, opportunities and community to heal, grow and work towards achieving personal goals. To learn more, please click on the button below.


Correctional Facility Groups

In 2018, our Outreach Program launched with survivor-led groups in correctional facilities. These groups are designed to support women where they are at, providing safety and a sense of belonging. As women meet each week, definitions are given to life experiences and women are able to identify areas of exploitation in their life. This allows each woman to understand her story deeper and seek proper support that is trauma-informed and focused on recovery from exploitation once she is able to leave the correctional facility.  To learn more, please click on button below.

Rapid Re-Housing

In 2021, Amirah secured its first federal funding through a HUD grant to provide rapid re-housing assistance to women who have experienced sexual exploitation and housing insecurity. This funding will support women along with their children providing them with housing as they look to restore their lives. 

Apartment Buildings
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