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Amirah is dedicated to joining the movement to support all survivors of sexual exploitation, trafficking, and prostitution  everywhere. 

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What's happening in the anti-trafficking movement

Decriminalization of the Sex Trade & The Survivor's Agenda

Why Full Decriminalization of the sex trade is a threat to justice.

Learn more about our opposition to the Survivor's Agenda in the statement from our partners at World Without Exploitation.


Expanding our understanding of sexual exploitation & trafficking in the United States

Race & Sex Trafficking

Webinar Episode with Audrey Morrissey

On July 1, 2020, Mary Speta of Amirah, Inc. hosted a conversation with Audrey Morrissey, Associate Director of My Life My Choice on the long-standing history of systemic racism in the sex trade.


Speta and Morrissey discuss the cycle of "the life" of sexual exploitation and how systemic racism presents additional barriers for women and girls of color at each major moment in the cycle.

Audrey Morrissey,

Associate Director of My Life My Choice

Leadership Series

Our Leadership Webinar Series hosts conversations with survivor leaders who are professionals in the anti-trafficking movement. Register for a webinar today.

Schedule .  2021

January 27, 1pm

The Need for a Trauma-Informed Approach in Healthcare

Rachel Niemiec, MA Dept. of Health


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Amirah, Inc.

Amirah exists to provide refuge to those seeking to break free from exploitation and heal in community on their journey toward lasting hope. We help women who have survived the sex trade reach their own goals and be the heroes of their stories.

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