Program Clinician & Group Therapies Director, CT (Full Time)



Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Program Clinician & Group Therapies Director works within a team dynamic with one other Program Clinician to provide direct care for survivors of sexual exploitation in both our Greater Hartford safe home program. They provide oversight and management for the day-to-day programmatic needs of the program participants, bringing an atmosphere of healing and community. They direct and oversee all aspects of group therapies within the residential program. They work to provide care addressing the whole-person having responsibility for clinical assessment, case management, and resource management in both places for clients.




Safe Home Program

  • Biweekly individual clinical case management meeting with each program participant on case load to assess how she is progressing in her day-to-day growth of her individualized program and how it relates to the culture of the home.

  • Provide direct services to identified survivors of sex trafficking as needed using an individual care plan that has been written by the survivor in collaboration with the program staff.

  • Coordinate all services for the client within the individual care team.

  • Assess all program participants and help to create an environment and program that they will effectively work through. 

  • Implement thorough whole-person assessments for the client, in conjunction with service providers.

  • Provide clinical support for client's trauma recovery as determined by whole-person care plan.

  • Serve as a liaison for client and other service providers, collaborating with caseworkers from other agencies with which the program participant may be associated.

  • Follow procedures for program policies (data entry, ability to take notes for client files, etc.).

  • Carry out all assignments designated by the Chief Executive Officer & program staff.

  • Coordinate and plan out weekly groups for whole-person care recovery for entirety of safe home.

  • Lead groups within the home on a weekly basis.

  • Maintain all efforts for proper medication distribution and medication recordings for program participants.

  • Plan and implement orientation schedule among clinicians.

  • Tend to the needs of the program participants should you be the sole program staff member in the home.

  • Coordination of Overnight Shift Leaders schedule and transportation volunteer schedules.

  • Provide training and clinical support for Overnight Shift Leaders.

  • Provide monthly in-home orientation for volunteers.

  • Attend any intake interviews for future clients with Amirah’s Intake Specialist.

  • Be on call in a rotation with other staff.

  • Ensure that all case records are maintained in compliance with Federal, State and Organizational standards for each program participant.




  • Report all spending to the Staff Accountant of Amirah in conjunction with the allotted program budget.



  • Meet weekly with Chief Executive Officer and clinical team to communicate any needs for the safe home and program participants.

  • Effective communication with Program Administrative Assistant on scheduling is required.

  • Attend weekly program staff meetings.

  • Keep up-to-date records and communicate with Program Staff on progress of program participants.

  • Quarterly meeting with Chief Executive Officer and program staff to assess progress and growth of North Shore Safe Home program.

  • Quarterly meeting with Chief Executive Officer to assess personal progress and growth.


Organizational Advocacy


  • Contribute to Amirah’s educational and advocacy efforts as needed in your area of expertise (this could include blog writing, public speaking events, social media videos, etc.).

  • Participate in development efforts to fund Amirah’s program.  




  • Follower of Christ, committed to His church and message of the transformative love of Jesus that was displayed on the cross.

  • All candidates should have Case Management experience.

  • Masters Degree in Counseling or Social Work.

  • Nonprofit experience preferred.

  • Lived experience welcomed.

  • Knowledge of human trafficking and experience working in this field preferred.

  • Unwavering commitment to quality programs and high level of service.

  • Passionate about Amirah’s ministry and work; able to communicate and promote the philosophy, mission and value of the organization both internally and externally. 

  • Ability to work in an independent environment as well as working with a strong collaborative team-based program.




  • Possessing a warm, calming and nurturing spirit.

  • Humble in their approach to relationships and teachable.

  • Creative problem solver who is able to handle conflict in a mature, intentional, thoughtful way while actively pursuing reconciliation.

  • Boundary keeper.

  • Works well in a multi-faceted, creatively chaotic environment, helping to bring order and structure in positive uplifting way.

  • Helps others to see their part, their needed contribution and able to delegate responsibility well.

  • Ability to work in emotionally taxing environment, putting the work down when rest and restoration is needed.

Image by Manu M