Rapid Re-Housing Coordinator

Housing insecurity is one of the strongest barriers for those who want to exit the commercial sex trade. To that end, Amirah has launched a Rapid Re-Housing program within our larger Outreach Program. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Rapid Rehousing Coordinator will work to quickly connect eligible clients to rental units in the community that are in areas with access to public transportation and access to Amirah’s Community Resource Center, maintain strong partnerships with landlords within these communities, and develop working relationships with other organizations that provide quality living furnishings.

You should apply if…


  • You believe in the dignity of all human lives, no matter the color of your skin, your faith, your gender, your sexuality, or anything else. Dignity is deserved because all human beings exist in the image of God.  

  • You are a skilled empathetic people manager who enjoys building strong and balanced teams to achieve collective goals, and fostering a collaborative growth culture

  • You’re excited about the challenge of building deeply intentional processes towards a more diverse, equitable and racially just community



We take the broadest possible view of diversity. 

We value the visible and invisible qualities that make you who you are.

We welcome that every person brings a unique perspective and experience to

advance our mission and progress the work of healing in community, breaking the

cycle of exploitation, and providing new communities where survivors can thrive

in life.

We believe that each Amirah community member, donor, volunteer, advocate,

and employee must have equal access to solving community problems.

We strive to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the

center of our daily work.

We commit to using these practices for our business and our communities.



  • Housing Navigation: assist clients to determine their eligibility for the RRH program and set up their move into a rental unit

  • Individualized Case Management: assist clients one-on-one as desired by clients by giving them access to support resources 

  • Data entry and quality management: document all services and track all data according to HUD data tracking requirements, including case notes and client enrollment and exit information with minimal missing data

  • Provide mentorship to women engaged in our services as assigned by the Director of Mentoring & Outreach


  • Attend weekly Outreach Team Program meetings

  • Work in conjunction with Outreach Team staff to onboard new clients into the RRH program

  • Evaluate status of our RRH each half of year at the Outreach Program evaluation meetings

  • Cultivate relationships with other non-profits that provide housing assistance, tangible in-kind donation support (furniture, clothing, etc.), and other services that will help each client achieve long-term stability in their life


  • Keep diligent reports of budget for grant reporting purposes


  • Ensure that all case records are maintained in compliance with Federal, State and Organizational standards for each program participant.


  • Be an ambassador for Amirah in the community and region, speaking on our behalf, both informally and in public speaking engagements. 

  • Participate in efforts to fund Amirah’s program.  



  • Follower of Christ, committed to His church and message of the transformative love of Jesus that was displayed on the cross

  • Lived-experience preferred

  • Proven case management experience required

  • Bachelors degree preferred

  • Strong track record of data management, ability to work with several different software systems, and be able to grow and adapt to technological changes

  • Nonprofit experience preferred

  • Has worked with those who have experienced housing insecurity

  • Demonstrated ability to strategically provide programs, services and care to trauma victims

  • Knowledge of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and experience working in this field

  • Unwavering commitment to quality programs and high level of service

  • Passionate about Amirah’s ministry and work; able to communicate and promote the philosophy, mission and value of the organization both internally and externally



  • Possessing a warm and nurturing spirit

  • Humble in their approach to relationships and teachable

  • Creative problem solver who is able to handle conflict in a mature, intentional, thoughtful way while actively pursuing reconciliation

  • Works well in a multi-faceted, creatively chaotic environment, helping to bring order and structure in positive uplifting way


Amirah provides the following benefits for this full-time position:

  • Every three months a full-week of vacation taken within that three month period (four weeks total given each year). Amirah operates on a work-rest rhythm for all staff members.

  • Every quarter, one personal spiritual retreat day is given. This is one day given to take as seen fit to connect with God, to rest, and to restore for this work.

  • Eligible for health insurance package.

  • Accumulated sick-time is given up to forty (40) hours a year.

  • Paid holidays on New Year’s Day, MLK, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

At this time, we are asking that all staff of Amirah are vaccinated, unless there is a proven medical reason. We are also masking up when physical distance is not possible. These two things are non-negotiables.




All interested parties can email a resume and cover letter to Stephanie Clark at sclark@amirahinc.org.