Have you ever listened to the words of the Christmas carol, Silent Night, closely? 


Silent Night, Holy Night

All is calm, all is bright

Round yon virgin, mother and child

Holy infant, so tender and mild

Sleep in heavenly peace...

Sleep in heavenly peace.


For some reason the lyrics of this carol struck me this year as I was with the women of Amirah. The night has always meant terror for each of them. We have yet to see a woman who has not struggled with getting to sleep and then staying asleep through the night. Aside from the trauma they endured in the nights, it is also the time when your mind is most quiet and open. 


When your mind has been through hell, this is a terrifying time.


What does it take for them to know that all is really calm, all is really bright? How can we get them to the point when they will sleep in peace?


Most survivors that I have spoken to have told me that the standard for a half hour was $100. $100 and they shut their minds down. $100 and they made their bodies do things they would never have chosen to do. $100 and they disconnected. $100 and they endured trauma that we cannot grasp and fully understand.


I am amazed at what $100 does for them today. $100 can get them to all of their medical and psychological appointments they have in the month. This allows them to work through the physical, mental and emotional trauma they endured.


$100 can give them a couple of great outfits for when they go on job interviews. This allows them to have the confidence in themselves that they need as they restore the vocational trauma they endured.


$100 connects them with fun activities each month where they are challenged physically, but also able to connect with others - engaging in their social trauma and recovery.


$100 gives them the tools they need for a year as they journey through their spiritual trauma and discover that healing is possible answering the huge questions in their lives.


All of these things add up to a sleep-filled night. When they are able to address their whole-person and the trauma they have endured in the light, then the darkness is not too dark for them, and sleeping in peace truly comes.


I like to call this "Redeeming the $100." Redeeming the $100 that was traded for her, the $100 that bought her, the $100 that enslaved her. $100 will no longer be the number that brings them hell, but it will now be the number that brings them freedom.


This is the greatest gift that you can give them today.

Join us today in this great work of redemption.

With Hope - 

Stephanie Clark

Executive Director

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