We provide whole person, trauma-informed care in a long-term safe home.

At Amirah, we offer every woman that comes into our home an individualized, trauma-informed, whole-person care approach to their program.


This means that we treat every woman as an individual, recognizing that her needs may look different than other women in our home. Our program works through the six avenues of whole-person care, helping them to recover through their physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational and spiritual trauma.

Every woman that comes into the Amirah safe home is offered a 30-day program to start. In the first 30-days we work with the woman to bring stability to her life. We address her physical, mental and emotional goals right away connecting her with medical services, addiction recovery services and counseling services. At the end of her 30-day program, she can choose to graduate and move on with her life having more stability, or she can choose to become a part of the full Amirah program.


The full Amirah program is a 3-phase approach, which can last 1-2 years. During the first phase, she will continue to address her physical needs and addiction recovery. She will connect with a counselor on a weekly basis to work through her mental and emotional trauma. We partner with local gyms and equine therapy for social engagement along with many other programs in our area. It is during Phase 1 that we work to set up all of her basic needs and necessities so that she can fully engage in her program and recovery. She will also begin to ask the questions related to her vocational and spiritual recovery.

In Phase 2 of her program, she will address her vocational needs by getting a part-time job and pursuing academic avenues to further her specific life goals. Throughout this time, we give each woman time and space to be able to explore the spiritual questions they have as they have endured years of abuse and trauma. In Phase 2, she is working through her trauma, building a savings as she works and beginning to restore the brokenness that is in her life.


It is our hope that each woman that comes into Amirah will know that she is entering a safe community. As she builds her life, she forms a community of partners that will be there for her when she moves on from Amirah and our program, going from one safe community to a community that supports her as she restores her life. As she moves into Phase 3 of her program, we work to help her transition from the safe home that has been there for her as she began her journey of recovery and liberation into the safe community that is around her to support her as she takes the steps to reintegrate into society.


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