Our Residential Program

Healing at the Homes

When you join our residential program, you are joining a community of women who have been exploited and are on a similar journey.


Our homes are supportive environments filled with acceptance, growth and creativity without any judgement. While you heal and work through your difficult experiences, Amirah is a place where you will be supported, encouraged and challenged. Our homes have structure, but there is room for individual decisions that will allow you to move forward, grow and change.


Learn about the values of our home here. 

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What would I do at Amirah?

We provide a safe place for you to stay. We will work with you to understand where your strengths are, and what weaknesses you would like to work on. You will have options to choose from so you can work towards your goals in ways where you feel supported. 


YOU are at the center of your growth and healing process. Our Care Team of clinicians, staff, volunteers, and community partners will work alongside you and be a loving support system.

What can't I do at Amirah?

Judge: happiness and understanding can be found when there is no judgement. 


Not Participate: Our community is filled with hope, support, and opportunities, and we expect you to take advantage of our community.

We are here to

  • Listen to you

  • Give you a safe space

  • Connect you with yourself, our supportive community, and with the purposes you were designed for

  • Walk alongside you

  • Let you succeed

  • Give you the tools for what comes next after you leave our program

We are NOT here to...

  • Rescue you

  • Control you

  • Offer a one-size-fits-all approach

  • Fix you

  • Make decisions for you

  • Give up!

"...Amirah shows patience and care in a way that no other place I’ve experienced has."

- Survivor, Amirah Residential Program Graduate


Opportunities in our Program

  • A safe home with 24 hour support

  • Food and clothing

  • Medical services

  • Psychological/mental health services including individual and group therapy

  • Legal advocacy

  • Life skills and life coaching

  • Financial literacy

  • Support with reconciling broken relationships

  • Education services and job training

  • Internships and jobs


How do I join Amirah?

We currently have openings in both locations.

If you would like to find out more about the program, please contact our CEO Stephanie Clark down below.

If you are interested in joining our residential program, we would love to meet you. There is an interview process to help make sure that Amirah is a good fit to support you on your journey. 


Your journey begins with our 30-day program. After that, you are free to sign up for our longer program. You are never required to stay, you are always a part of our program development.

To find out more about joining our program and see what availability is like, please email our CEO, Stephanie Clark .