A needle in a haystack, that is what it can feel like for a survivor who is searching for hope after breaking free from the life of exploitation. 


There were so many people in her life that offered her "what she needed." But with each offer, she lost more and more of herself. 


What does it take to find hope, to find herself, after years of living in the dark?


We see hope begin to exist each day in the lives of the women that come into the Amirah home. 


Hope exists when I see her get up in the morning after having slept through the night without waking up in terror.


Hope exists when I see her go back to school after years and years have passed her by and any dream of education died a long time ago.


Hope exists when I see her celebrate month after month of sobriety – choosing to deal with her trauma rather than numb it.


Hope exists when I see her pound the pavement in search for a job and find one in the community where she can be restore dignity in herself.


Hope exists when she is given the chance to ask the questions she has always had about God, and is given the time and space to explore her faith as she searches for redemption.


Hope exists when she is able to say like Frederick Douglass that “the soul that is within me no man can degrade.”


Hope exists in her life. It is the belief in things that we cannot yet see and a determination to see these things come to be.


We have a disturbing certainty about this at Amirah; I invite you to join us in this hope today. 



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