People can get pretty fired up when they begin to hear and understand that slavery still exists today. I have heard voices rise to shouts, have seen tears of horror and fear, have felt the overwhelming frustration and question of why settle into souls. 


It is true, when you hear over and over again the stories of trafficking and slavery, the why nestles in and begins to frustrate. Why do people do this? Why do we still live in a world where this happens? Why is the problem growing, not stopping? Why isn't their more funding? Why don't people care when I tell them about this?


I cannot answer the whys, but I can speak to the power of passion and where this comes from.


The simple word is dignity. 


Dignity is the state and value of every individual that means they are worthy of honor. We believe that this is something that should exist in every human being. When we hear the truth of trafficking, the reality is that our souls react to this because dignity is being stripped away. With every transaction, more of her is gone.


This is why we are so passionate about stepping into this evil and doing something about it, because we do not want to live in a world where dignity is stripped away. 


At Amirah, we believe that there is an amazing, loving God that created her. He created her in His image. He loved her. When her trafficker controlled her and sold her, this was done to strip this connection to her Creator away. Dignity was lost in her, but that is never the final word. 


Day by day, we are seeing that what was once lost can be restored, but the first step for each of them is coming to terms with defining dignity. Being able to look in the mirror and believe that the face they see is worthy of receiving honor, love and respect. 


Dignity was lost, but as we seek to define this again with each woman, we watch the incredible work of seeing it restored. 




More to come next week on Dignity and the work of restoration.



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