When a Home Matters

When you are young, your home is supposed to be that safe place to go to. This isn't true for all kids. A home is very important because this is the age that you need all this foundation. To teach you as a child how a home should feel, and not have to worry about the screaming and yelling. So when you come home, you feel safe, protected, and LOVED.


When I was younger, I had been molested by my stepdad, so that safety net was taken from me. Then it was my own brother doing it. So for me, at that point, why would a home matter? Once my mom found out what was happening, she did not know what to do, but I don't blame her.


She called my dad that I had never met and never knew, and then it was my sister, brother, and I being moved from Arkansas to Maine. No one knew about my brother. I kept it a secret. Still to this day, I have felt ashamed and embarrassed for what had happened to me.

As I started getting older, I met this guy that took his time pampering me into the sex trafficking world without me even knowing what he was doing to me. I just went from this cardboard box that I used to live in to this see through plastic bubble that you could not breathe inside. A home now turns into hotel room after hotel room. Men that were coming and going in MY BED.


Then eventually my pimp and I got a room for ourselves that was what we called home while I still had the hotels going. So that meant I had to make sure that I was making enough money to pay them both, but not him. Well, in his eyes, he was paying for it because he owned me.


Then I went to having nothing and being on the streets, trying to find the best place for warmth.


One day I met BEAUTIFUL people that helped save me and connected me with Amirah. It's a safe house for sex trafficking victims, I lived there for two years, and they have showed and taught me why a home matters.

I had my own bed that I slept in. I would cook once a week, go to church, and do chores on Sundays. If it snowed, we would all go out and shovel the driveway.


I have recently graduated, and I live on my own and love it. I feel safe, and I have the best landlords ever! They are Christians and family-oriented. I could not asked to be next to more awesome and safer feeling people.


My house says who I am, and I could never see what that looked liked before. But if you could only see the beauty from where I'm sitting, it makes me proud. I can say it's mine, and no man can take that away from me, or try to push me to the streets when I'm no good anymore, and that's what makes me proud.


Experiencing life as you get older, you start to learn why a home matters. My home is like my church, my safe place, and I have no man yelling at me telling me what to do. I have been set free, and don't have to keep count on how many men have been through my bed, just to make sure I make the quota for the night. I say your house expresses the inside of your spirit, and you will see it throughout your home. I am an Independent woman, a phenomenal woman, FREE as a butterfly to roam!    


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