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We are grateful for the partnership of the Women's Fund of Essex County as we work together to promote solutions for survivors of sexual exploitation.

How to Support Survivors: Be Selfish

I got involved with Amirah when I attended the first Voices of Hope back in 2015. I attended that event as I was on the hunt for volunteering opportunities in the cause against human trafficking. That night made a lasting impression that led me to be committed to Amirah’s vision and mission to which I have continually supported over the past three years with my time, talent, and treasure. 


I thank Amirah for enabling me to support the empowerment of women… specifically women who have been exploited right here in America. Women who have been sold a lie. Women, like me, who just want be who they were created to be. 


One simple word describes why I support Amirah – yet this word is not typically associated with giving –– that word is Selfishness!


Yes, I am selfish.


How can selfishness describe why I give? Essentially, it’s the joy received in return that surpasses the monetary value!


Let me explain:

  1.  When I receive the email announcing that a woman has chosen to enter the Amirah program – like any transformation, the path takes courage, stamina, and determination.  I rejoice that this woman has made the difficult decision to move her life forward despite the upcoming challenges. And selfishly, I am joyful to be part of this transformation, by providing support that aids her in this path.

  2. When I receive the Milestone Monday notifications that a woman has persevered through her first 30 days, first phase, or has been sober for x number of weeks/months, again, I too reap the joy that my support has provided these women with a home to achieve such significant goals.

  3. And lastly, when I receive the wonderful news that a woman has journeyed from exploitation to liberation, and has graduated from the program, I selfishly join in with her on this monumental accomplishment as my financial contribution provided her the means to make this journey.

I end by sharing my mantra to which I live by: Be Selfish. Give Generously.


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