Can someone take my dignity; can it be stripped away?


These questions haunt us. 


There are those who would say you can never take my dignity, but when it comes to the end for her, what is actually left?


There were no clothes; there was no bed; her family is gone.


There are track marks; there are brand marks; there is pain in every part of her body that won't go away.


There are diseases; there are fears; there are nightmares left.


Is this dignity?


I am not sure if dignity can be taken away - I do not have the answer for that. But if it is, I am sure that it can be found again. I see this happen as the weeks unfold for her at Amirah.


Time and space - this is really all we can give her.


Time and space to find herself, to restore who she is, to choose life, to choose recovery, to choose the hard path of healing.


Time and space, and we see her become HERSELF again. We watch as she claims herself, as she finds her dignity and her voice.


The track marks fade; the tattoos can be covered up; the pain goes away as health is restored.


The diseases are matched with cures. The fears and nightmares that plagued her mind are left behind.


What lies ahead is a beautiful journey of liberation where hope is restored because dignity has been found.




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