Showing Up

My mother was a walker. In the last years of her life, she was faithful to get up each day and walk for an hour in Michigan - no matter what the weather was. I think on very snowy winter days, she stayed inside and got on a treadmill, but for the most part, she was outside, enjoying each step in her day. 


She would often walk alone, but over the years developed a few friendships that joined her in her journey a couple of times a week. My mom always said that she could make the walk alone, but she loved it when her friends were able to come and walk with her. It was often on those days that she didn't want to go out, but she knew that someone was going to be there waiting for her, so she did. After she passed, her walking friends told me the same thing - how they never want to show up, but they knew that Kim would be waiting for them, so they did. They were each so grateful that someone showed up to walk with them. 

There are so many things that I have learned from my mom, but I think that this principal is one of the main things that guide me here at Amirah: Show up.

Being there for someone else can be hard. There are many days when life gets in the way. The kids are crazy, the workload is heavy, the traffic is insane, and we can just be tired - but if we want to commit to being a part of the journey, the walk, from exploitation to freedom, then showing up is a big deal.

For too long, the survivors in the Amirah home felt like they were all alone. Isolation is the key for any trafficker's manipulation plan. They have believed the lie that no one cares for them, the lie that they are worthless, the lie that they deserve the abuse and trauma that has come to them.

So, we show up. We show up and break down those lies by doing the one thing we know and believe in - offer grace with each step of the journey. 

Grace flies in the face of all of those lies. Grace is inclusive, because it is for everyone. Grace loves deeply, because everyone deserves to be loved. Grace wipes away the tears and whispers that they are worthy. Grace is given, not because it is deserved or earned, but because it is not.

Show up, give grace, watch a woman become the amazing creation that she was always meant to be. 

Sounds simple enough, so who is ready to show up and walk with us?

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