Simple Gifts, Changing Lives


Not many people know that I grew up on welfare. I guess the cat is out of the bag now. Money was something that always made all conversations tense in our home. There was never enough it seemed, and how it was spent was always under scrutiny. 


I remember my mom being one of the coupon queens. She would scour over the Sunday paper to get all of her coupons for the grocery store each week. One week, as she and I were heading to the grocery store, things seemed particularly tense. I'm not sure what had happened, but I knew that she was nervous about spending the money at the grocery store, even with the food stamps we had to support the bill.


She was careful as she walked through the store to grab everything that would come cheap. We passed over the steaks and hams and went for the cheap pork chops and cans of soup. As we unloaded our cart, an elderly man I recognized from our church came up and started chatting with my mom. He looked so happy and was so pleased to see us. His cart was loaded with fresh produce and the finest cuts of meat. 


He quickly walked around my mom and paid for our groceries, then as he paid for his, he walked us to our car and loaded up both our cart and his into our car. I remember him saying that he was so glad he bumped into us today and that he knew this was something he could do to help us out. 


As we got in the car, my mom's eyes were tearing up. It was in that moment that I remember seeing and experiencing generosity for the first time. 


I have seen generosity played out in a thousand different ways since that day in my childhood. Most days, I see the effects of generosity on the faces of the women of Amirah. It happens when they begin to look you in the eye, when their faces crack a smile, when a laugh slips from their lips. The effects of generosity are life transforming. 


You can be a part of this today. Transform a life and give hope today.


$25 provides a survivor in a safe home with nutritious meals for a week.


$40 gives personal items to a survivor for 1 month.

$100 provides training for professionals working with at-risk populations.

$250 covers vocational training, educational materials, and job support to a survivor for 6 months.

$500 pays for a support group for a survivor in prison.

$1,000 provides heat to a survivor safe home for the winter months.

$5,000 covers all of a survivor's case management needs for a year.


Help us this year to show the women of Amirah what generosity truly is. Let's change their lives together, just like mine was as a little girl.

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