Is This Freedom?

She walks up the steps, entering through the front door. A smile is there to greet her. The lights are on, the place is clean. None of the shades are drawn, so sunlight baths the room. 


Is this freedom? 


She has her own bed. Her comforter is warm and smells amazing from the dryer sheets. She sleeps through the night for the first time in a long time. No one slams the door, no one comes in and takes what doesn't belong to them, no one touches her.


Is this freedom?


She sits cautiously down at a long, beautiful table. Those smiling faces are back again. This time they put a hot, home cooked meal in front of her. They sit down together and light a candle. Words are spoken about how this candle will light the way for the next woman to come. Her heart skips a beat. More will come. More will be given this chance. Her stomach warms up as she savors her meal.


Is this freedom?


The faces continue to smile at her. Slowly, as the days pass, she smiles back. Genuine love is here. Hope is here. A chance to change life is here. 


This is freedom.




January 11 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, 24 hours for the country to heighten its cognizance to the horror of modern day slavery that exists in every part of the nation and the world. On this day, we recognize the pain and suffering of those under the control of another, and we extend an open invitation for any and all to join the fight to end their suffering, today and everyday. By staying educated, aware of your surroundings, and actively advocating for the freedom of trafficking victims through organized efforts, you play an important role in creating hope for victims.


We believe that she is worth a clean bed. We believe that she deserves a chance to make a living wage. We believe that when she laughs, healing is happening in her life. We believe that she is becoming everything her creator meant her to be: empowered, beautiful, free, strong, forgiven. We believe that when she discovers this, hope conquers fear.


We believe that hope lives here.


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