Amirah's Speaker Team

Stephanie Clark

Stephanie Clark is the CEO of Amirah. She is a passionate advocate for victims and survivors of sex trafficking, working to provide not only a place for aftercare to exist for these individuals, but develop a greater system of aftercare within our communities. She has a desire to see both global and domestic changes in the view of women. She came to Amirah after serving for four years as an Associate Pastor on the North Shore of Boston. Prior to that, she was a small business owner. She is an author, public speaker and advocate. She has her undergraduate degree in biblical languages from Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.


Speaking Topics for trainings/conferences include (not limited to these):

  • The Cost of Aftercare: What it takes for trauma-informed services to exist

  • Whole-Person Care Model: A trauma-informed approach

  • Relationships 101: Building a society & culture that prevents exploitation

  • Human Trafficking 101: Engaging a new community

Speaking Topics for guest evangelist spots include (not limited to these):

  • What’s so Great About Love? How unconditional love can change lives

  • Why Jesus is an Abolitionist

  • The Fine Line Between Compassion & a Savior-Complex

  • How Jars of Clay Change the World

You can hear a past sermon of Stephanie's here and here.

Cheri Crider

Cheri Crider is the Outreach Leader of Amirah as well as a member of the New England Survivor Leadership Collaborative. She is a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation and escaped the life of sex trafficking 37 years ago. Having gained perspective from her experience, her goal is to educate, raise awareness and advocate for change in how survivors are assisted in their journey of healing.


Speaking Topics include:

  • Human Trafficking in Small Town America (My Personal Story)

  • The Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Link

  • Protecting Today's Youth from Human Trafficking

  • Healing for Survivors of Human Trafficking: Managing PTSD

  • How the Church Can Help or Harm: Trauma-Informed Care

Heather Thornburg

Heather Thornburg is the Chief Program Officer of Amirah. Most of her adult life has been spent raising and homeschooling her children while volunteering for various non-profits. She has an undergraduate degree from Northwest University and a Masters in Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Prior to formal education, Heather has experience working with victims of sexual trauma and trafficking as a peer counselor and support, including direct intervention with PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Additionally, she has experience with addiction treatment, both clinically and as the caregiver for two adolescents struggling with this issue.  Heather’s own experience, her witness of wounds to women, as well as being mother to three beautiful daughters has given her a heart for seeing women become strong and fearless.


Speaking Topics include:


  • The Impact and Symptoms of Trauma in Female Sex Trafficking Survivors

  • Identifying Human Trafficking: A Caregiver’s Introduction

  • A Whole-Person, Trauma-Informed Response to Sex Trafficking

  • Long-Term Aftercare: What We Have Learned

  • Sex-Trafficking: The Survivor’s Challenges

You can watch a past presentation of Heather's here.

Mary Speta

Mary Speta is Amirah's Chief Impact Officer and a passionate speaker and workshop host. Mary comes to Amirah with experience in organizational growth and strategy with a focus on sustainability. Her heart is to see mindsets toward women that often enslave transform into attitudes that embrace. Besides her work at Amirah, Mary has extensive personal experience advocating for victims of sexual violence. Mary holds an undergraduate degree from Gordon College and a masters in administration from Boston University, and is well researched in the field of domestic sex trafficking.

Speaking topics include:

  • The Cost of Recovery: What it takes to move from exploitation to liberation

  • Human Trafficking 101: The scope internationally, regionally, and locally

  • Sustainability in the Anti-Trafficking Movement

  • How to get involved in the anti-trafficking movement

  • Getting Unstuck: Overcoming Shame to Live a Life of Freedom

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