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Supportive Transitional Housing

Striving Towards Independence

Our Supportive Transitional Home is meant for survivors who have already stabilized in another program, but still need some support with housing as they work towards being able to live independently. 

When you join our Supportive Transitional home, you are joining a community of women who have been exploited, who have already began their work of recovery, and are on a similar journey.


Our program are trauma-informed environments filled with acceptance, growth, and creativity without any judgment. While you strive towards independence, Amirah is a place where you will be supported, encouraged, and challenged. This home is designed to help you see that desired independence become a reality.


Learn about the values of our home here

What would I do at the Supportive Transitional Home?

We provide a safe place for you to stay while you grow more comfortable in your independence and with the responsibilities that come from this. Our program is designed to keep your goals at the forefront of the work you are doing. This means that your program will be addressing your goals and the things you would like to achieve as you seek independence.


We will work with you to build on your strengths as you continue to heal from your past and work towards the goals of your future. We start first with the building blocks of sobriety and therapeutic supports. 


YOU are at the center of your growth and healing process.

Our staff consists of allies as well as staff with lived-experience in the commercial sex trade. We also have volunteers and community partners who will work alongside you and to be support system.

What can't I do at Amirah?

We believe that healing happens in community. In order to live in community, this means that each woman that comes into this program is asked to stop doing the following:

  • Judge: happiness and understanding can be found when there is no judgment.

  • Not Participate: Our community is filled with hope, support, and opportunities, and we expect you to take advantage of our community.

This home is a private space. This does mean that there are safety measures taken to ensure that everyone has a chance at healing, including expectations around sobriety, a zero-tolerance policy on violence, and security measures to ensure the safety of the property.

Many of the rules and regulations will be discussed at an intake interview. This program is designed for survivors who are further in their recovery and are ready for independence, but need the support to afford it. If a more intensive program is a better fit for you where you are currently at, we recommend that you look into our Residential Recovery Program.


We do understand if we are not the right spot for you, and hope that you will continue to seek the support that will be best for you.

We are here to

  • Listen to you

  • Give you a safe space

  • Connect you with yourself, our supportive community, and with the purposes you were designed for

  • Walk alongside you

  • Let you succeed

  • Help you find the resources that will support independence

  • Give you the tools for what comes when you are ready to move to indepedence

We are NOT here to...

  • Rescue you

  • Control you

  • Offer a one-size-fits-all approach

  • Fix you

  • Make decisions for you

  • Give up!

"...Amirah shows patience and care in a way that no other place I’ve experienced has."
- Survivor, Amirah Residential Recovery Program Graduate

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Opportunities in our Supportive Transitional Home

Access to:

  • Medical services

  • Therapeutic services

  • Psychiatric services

  • Community partners

  • Supportive volunteers

  • Mentors with lived-experience

A program that encourages:

  • Full-time employment

  • The pursuit of college degrees

  • Sobriety 

  • Therapeutic plans

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How do I join Amirah's Supportive Transitional Housing Program?

If you are interested in joining our Supportive Transitional Housing Program, we would love to meet you. There is an interview process to help make sure that Amirah is a good fit to support you on your journey. 

If you would like to find out if there are openings, please email Faith Stair, Program Director, or click the "Apply Here" button below to fill out an application.  

 We are currently accepting applications and reviewing them on a first come first serve basis. If we have an opening and seem like we may be a good fit for what you are looking for, we will reach out to schedule an interview.  Please note, due to the volume of inquiries, we do not keep a waitlist.

How do I join Amirah?
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