What We Do

Every year hundreds of thousands of people are trafficked in the United States. Of all individuals trafficked, approximately 71% are female and most victims of sex trafficking in New England are from the U.S.*

The chances of finding a new life of liberation and freedom for these victims is slim due to lack of resources and support.

Amirah is changing that for New England.

*Statistics from Global Slavery Index.


Amirah was founded in 2011 by a group of individuals seeking to join the anti-sex trafficking movement. Through connections with law enforcement, the group decided to meet the greatest need for survivors in New England: aftercare recovery.


Today, Amirah is the only credited Tier 3 safe home in all of New England according to Homeland Security and is recognized as a national leader in the recovery of survivors of sex trafficking.

Her Story

At Amirah, we have found that the women we work with have a very common story: they were vulnerable. Maybe she was sexually molested or assaulted at a young age by someone she was supposed to be trusting. Maybe she got caught up in the life of drugs and her addiction made her vulnerable. Maybe she experienced a significant loss and began looking for something to fill the void.

Whatever it was, she became vulnerable and someone took advantage. Along came a guy who said he loved her and could give her a better life. He promised her the world, but that came with a cost.

In order for them to have the incredible life he promised her, she had to sell her body to make some money...just for a while. But a little while quickly turns into months and sometimes years. She realizes that her boyfriend who "loves" her is actually her pimp. He is feeding her drugs, having her raped again and again, branding her with tattoos and has complete control over her life.

She is caught and stuck in this cycle and life. What happens if she wants to break out? Where will she go? Who will help her? What is her hope?

Our Philosophy

The name Amirah comes from the Arabic and Persian meaning “daughter of the king/princess” and “female leader.” It conveys a sense of strength, value, and nobility


As our name implies and based on our faith, we believe each human life is sacred, created in God’s image, and therefore, worthy of love, mercy and justice.  It is our goal that each woman served at Amirah will be restored and empowered with a sense of her inherent value and God-given strengths.

At Amirah, we believe in hope.

We work to help her whole person heal and find liberation that is lasting.

Amirah's Whole-Person Care Approach

At Amirah, we offer each woman whole-person care as she journeys from exploitation to liberation.

Outreach Groups

Along with our safe home program, we lead Outreach Groups in the community, working to connect with survivors that may still be in the cycle of exploitation.

Consulting Services

Amirah is committed to the aftercare movement within New England, to the expansion of trauma-informed, wholistic care, and to seeing the gaps within the aftercare movement be filled.

Get Involved

You can make an impact on a survivor's life in more ways than you know.





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We are grateful for the partnership of the Women's Fund of Essex County as we work together to promote solutions for survivors of sexual exploitation.