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Amirah exists to provide exit and aftercare opportunities to women who have survived different forms of sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and prostitution. We do this by offering residential recovery opportunities, organizing outreach efforts, and educating communities, providers, and policy makers on the unique challenges victims and survivors face in the Northeastern United States.

Our residential branch offers a 2-year Rapid Re-Housing program, which places women in permanent housing and provides rental assistance for 2-years. During that time our team works to help her achieve economic stability and her own self-esteem goals so that she can thrive in independence. Through our outreach branch, our team conducts street outreach alongside peer organizations where prostitution is prominent. We provide case management, groups, life coaching, and community events for women seeking community and resources at our Community Resource Center in Lynn, Massachusetts. We synthesize what we learn from our work with external data to advocate for changes to policies that break down exit barriers and make recovery and independence possible for more women.

We believe that she is worth a clean bed, that she deserves a chance to make a living wage, that when she laughs healing is happening in her life, that she is becoming everything her Creator meant her to be: empowered, beautiful, free, strong, forgiven. We believe that when she discovers this hope, it conquers fear. We believe that hope lives here.

Our Mission

Amirah exists to provide a refuge for those seeking to break free from exploitation and heal in community on their journey toward lasting hope.

Image by Guilherme Stecanella
Our Mission
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Our Hope

Our hope for the women who participate in our programs is that they would develop the skills they need in a supportive community environment to find liberation, remain independent, and accomplish the goals she sets for herself.

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