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Faith Partners

Amirah is Honored to Partner with Churches & Faith Partners Around New England and Across the United States.

An Amirah Church Partner actively engages in the work of domestic anti-trafficking efforts through intentional prayer, committed giving, and active volunteerism. Church partners will support Amirah’s work in a specific region for a period of 3-5 years.

Become a Church Partner

What is an Amirah Church Partner?

A church partners commits to Pray, Give, and Volunteer. This helps church members live out the truth of their faith and experience the goodness of God as he ministers to our most vulnerable neighbors. 

Host an Amirah Hope Sunday

Host Amirah on a Sunday Morning!

Host a member of Amirah's speaker team who will present a biblical message on God's compassion for the vulnerable. This aids in spiritual formation and gives parishioners a chance to respond.

Our Church Partners

“Partnering with Amirah has born much fruit in our church congregation over the past year. Not only has it given us an awareness of the horrific truth of sex-trafficking, they have also taught us the true meaning of “Biblical justice” and our responsibilities as members of the family of Christ to reflect God’s heart by moving towards our neighbors in love.


We are forever grateful that they did not only inform us, but invited us in and gave us opportunities to take action on behalf of the most vulnerable among us. We are forever changed.”

Zach Anderson, Pastor, Covenant United Methodist Church

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HOPE lives here.

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