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Our Background

- Clara Gaudette, Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center

Training and Education

Our training and education programs provide general and advanced seminars on the commercial sex trade and best practices in working with people trading sex and those who experience sex trafficking. We offer trainings to general community groups, law enforcement, service providers, and higher education institutions. 

Networking Group

"Amirah's training shed invaluable new light on our work with survivors of domestic violence. Mary/Amirah deepened our understanding of the intersection between intimate partner violence and sex trafficking, allowing us to quickly spot risk factors and provide nuanced, sensitive support and education to our clients and within our communities. Our team agrees that this is one of the most thoughtful, applicable, and vital trainings we've received in a long time. "

- Clara Gaudette, Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center

What our Trainings Cover

General Training for Communities & Higher Education: Overview of the sex trade and sex trafficking, its impact on communities, warning signs, and responding when friends or family disclose experiencing exploitation.


Service Providers: Scope of the local sex trade and sex trafficking, intersectional issues (poverty, homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, systemic racism), warning signs and red flags, prevention, screening for sex trafficking, safety and exit planning, and resources for referrals. 


Law Enforcement: Current trends in sex trade transactions, screening for sex trafficking, building trust with people trading sex and experiencing sex trafficking, and referrals to Amirah’s programs and partner service providers.

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