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Giving Tuesday 2023

We center the stories of the women we serve every day and this Giving Tuesday; you have the opportunity to give because her story matters. The voices of survivors of the commercial sex trade are so often unheard, overlooked, or silenced. As a community, we show up in solidarity by emphasizing the stories of the silenced and responding to the needs their stories highlight. Every dollar goes toward helping women exiting sex trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. Join us on on social media and through emails on November 28th – because Her Story Matters.

What It Means To Give Hope 

How Your Gift Can Make a Huge Impact

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"A trafficker can make $360,000 in one year trafficking one woman. It costs $56,000 to incarcerate a trafficking victim for one year. It costs us $36,000 a year to house and serve one woman for one year. Click the link below to give toward recovery, because she's a person not a product" 

Mary Speta, Executive Director

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