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Move for Amirah 2023!

Move for Amirah is almost here!

Our fourth annual Move for Amirah will be taking place the week of   June 16th - 25th. 


Our goal is $50,000. 



What is Move for Amirah?


Move for Amirah is a national fundraising event in which individuals or teams "Move" on behalf of survivors of trafficking and exploitation. Recovering from trafficking and exploitation is hard, like swimming the English Channel or running a marathon. We "Move" in solidarity with these women. Join this year's Move for Amirah to call attention to their courage and raise funds for their recovery journey!

Why should I Move?

Trafficking and exploitation is an enormous issue that cannot be faced alone. When a community of people step up and move to support survivors, we find strength in numbers. We create new possibilities!

Did you know that less than 1% of trafficking victims ever exit exploitation?

The primary reason is that there is a severe lack of “exit ramps” – opportunities for the exploited to get away from their traffickers. Amirah is that exit ramp! When you support Amirah, you support a woman’s recovery process to regain her life. Soon, that 1% will be a tragic figure from a distant past.

What would my Move look like?


Your "Move" can be anything (biking, running, swimming, climbing, etc - we've even had people go sky-diving for Move for Amirah)! Whatever it is, it should be physically challenging for you and should be completed during the Move for Amirah week (June 16-25th). In the past, we've seen a wide range of difficulty, from someone pulling their entire body weight on a backward sled for 12 miles (to represent the first year of recovery) to a woman with physical limitations advanced in age pushing a walker up and down the hallways of her nursing home. Whatever you do, keep the women and their courage in mind. ​

“As I struggled through - I was thinking about how hard these women who have exited sex trafficking are working and fighting to recover and I began praying - asking God to give me strength and to give them strength.” 

- Zach Anderson, Houston, TX


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The Impact of Move for Amirah

Past Movers

"As a man who's been in Iraq and Afghanistan and struggles with PTSD, I've seen men put on a mask and hide behind a weapon. The women at Amirah are ripping off all masks; they are completely vulnerable. I'm moved by every one of these women. They are so brave. I'm honored to Move for Amirah."

— David Nicastro, Amirah Volunteer


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