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What is Move for Amirah?



Move for Amirah is a national fundraising event in which individuals or teams "Move" on behalf of survivors of trafficking and exploitation. Recovering from trafficking and exploitation is hard, like swimming the English Channel or running a marathon. When we "Move," we move in solidarity with them. Join this year's Move for Amirah to call attention to their courage and raise funds for their recovery journey. Let's move, together, to end exploitation!

What are my next steps?

Bike, swim, walk, run, hike, or something else! Recovering from trafficking is like climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or swimming the English Channel - it’s HARD and it looks different for everyone. We encourage you to pick a goal that is challenging for you. Pick your move, grab your gear, and let's get moving!

Every Mover is committed to raising at least $100 for the women in recovery at Amirah - but you can totally go for more! For a $1000 goal, you only need 2 friends to give $500, 4 friends to give $250, 10 friends to give $100, or any combination in between. 

Share within your networks - human and social! Write out a list of 20 people you know who will be excited that you're Moving for Amirah and invite them via email or text to invest in your Move! Finally, share widely on social media.

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Fundraising Kit

Want to have an impactful Move? Here are a few fundraising tips and tricks to support you!

We have Prizes!

We have prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place indiviual Movers. Including signed gloves from World Champion boxer, Katie Taylor, a signed Bruins Jersey, a night at the Cape and more!  Click the link to learn more.

Get Your Move for Amirah T-Shirt

We have free t-shirts for all Movers. So sign up today to receive your t-shirt.  

The Impact of Move for Amirah


Past Movers

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