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Volunteer in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, there are opportunities to volunteer with our program and in our headquarter's office. Check out the volunteer opportunity descriptions below. We host regular volunteer trainings that can provide you with more information. There is no expectation that by attending a training you have to volunteer - all who are interested are welcome to attend and learn more.

Direct Care

Weekday Winners

Opportunities are M-F 8am-12pm & 12pm-4pm. This shift helps with administrative tasks, cleaning, running errands and transportation for appointments. This is typically the busiest time in the home and staff are usually present.

Nighttime Ninjas

Opportunities are M-F 4pm-9pm. This shift helps with transportation from work or school, meal preparation, and the community dinner. Occasionally staff are present in the home.

Weekend Warriors

Opportunities are Sat. & Sun. 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, and 4pm-9pm. This shift helps with transportation to and from appointments and home organization. This shift is usually quieter in the home and rarely has staff present.

Hope Lyfters

Hope Lyfters help transport the Amirah women to and from their work, school, groups, and appointments. There is great opportunity to create meaningful friendships on car rides together!


Gratitude Givers

Join the Gratitude Team on a Saturday morning every other month to help write thank you cards, notes, and other correspondence to our supporters and community.

Trainings 2021

We host virtual volunteer trainings to accommodate all who want to volunteer, regardless of location.

Virtual Volunteer Trainings:

Tuesday, July 6th - 6:30-8:00pm

Monday, August 9th - 7:00-8:30pm

To register, email with the date of the training you would like to attend.

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