What We Believe 

Amirah exists to provide a refuge for those who want to break free from the cycle of exploitation. Here are the reasons behind why we do what we do.


We are motivated by our Christian faith.

We believe that love does not come with a price and exploitation is not a part of God’s plan. We believe in radical, unconditional love that can change the world. We are in this work to display and show this love, to live it out. Because when someone can experience this love, real change can happen. 


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We believe that this work is done best when those with lived experience in the commercial sex trade and allies are at the table together.

We are not about competition, but about true collaboration where expertise and lived experience are honored, and where education and knowledge are valued. We believe that those who seek to exploit us want to divide us, so we come to the table to unite and work together. When we do this, we see pretty amazing things happen.


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 We value diversity, recognizing that opportunities do not come easily to everyone. 

We strive to be a place where people of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and races can come together working for the women we serve who have often been marginalized because of their gender and race. We believe in the Imago Dei that is in all humanity, living out respect, honor, and inclusion as a response to this.


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We hold some pretty strong values, including the truth that love runs deep and hope can endure all things.

The values of Amirah provide a foundation for the community to heal and grow together. Everyone at Amirah, the staff, the women, and the volunteers, are all challenged to uphold these values and see themselves as a part of a learning and growing community.


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